If you play games with your computer, don’t upgrade to Vista

… until you’ve read this.

I have been using Vista for well over a year now (since Beta 1). Of course Vista is slow, its bloated (over 10x the size of XP), aero kills system performance (even though this should be done on the video card), networking is pathetically slow, etc etc. We all know Vista sucks.But recently my blood has been set to a rolling boil by the fact that most of my games just don’t work in Vista. At all. Its so bad that out of spite I have decided to make a list of games that work better in Linux under Wine than in Vista. These are games that were originally written to run in Windows XP, are broken in Vista, but magically work in Linux.

See the report here. It is not good for games in general. Better to stick with XP for that one computer you keep for games (all your other computers are running Linux, I assume…)

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3 thoughts on “If you play games with your computer, don’t upgrade to Vista

  1. I’ve been gaming under Vista for quite awhile now with little to no real problems. Yes my frame rates in FPS titles is a little lower, but the biggest issue for me tends to be with RAM more so than with incompatibilities with Vista. Of the four example titles in the linked to article I only own Civ 4 and I’ve had no problems with the game running on my system after applying the latest patch.I’m not about to suggest that Vista is the ultimate gaming OS, but it seems to me that everyone has forgotten that we went through this same adjustment period after the launch of Windows XP and everyone sat around and bitched about how no one should upgrade to XP because it wouldn’t run any of their games. Of course “any of their games” was more like “a handful of games, some of which are so old that you wonder why anyone would still be playing them.” I mean, com’on, he’s complaining that Blackthorne won’t run under Vista? Technically, as he points out in his article, it won’t run under XP either without a wrapper.The simple truth is that Vista is the next OS and it will, like XP before it, eventually be just fine once most folks have upgraded their hardware and software to stuff that’s designed to run Vista at its best. XP was slower than Windows 98 and used up way more resources and had driver problems and choked on a number of games when it was released as well. What was true then is true now.And you can bet that when Windows 7 is released in 2012 (assuming Microsoft actually releases it on time) that we’ll go through this same process all over again complete with the same level of griping.

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