Attitudes about Evolution in Florida

I’d like to point you to an interesting piece on teaching evolution in Florida:

Sometimes, Allyn Sue Baylor doesn’t teach evolution in her science class, even though the state requires it. She knows of other teachers who duck the issue, too.They fear a backlash.”There are cases when parents have gotten really upset,” said Baylor, who teaches at Palm Harbor Middle School in Pinellas County. “It’s scary. You can lose your job.”

Its an interesting article in the St Pete’s times. Here.Which reminds me to remind you. If you want your public school teachers to teach evolution to your children, please mention this to them.That is what I do. I introduce myself to the life science teachers this way:”Hi. I’m Greg, Julia’s dad. I just want you to know that I’ve heard you are a great teacher. I expect you’ll be teaching excellent science, including a full treatment of evolution. In fact, I’m one of those parents that, when I find out that religion is being pushed on my child in a public school, I go right to the ACLU. So, you can count on my full support if anybody gives you a hard time.”… the whole statement is made during a hearty hand shake, also grasping the teacher by the shoulder in a friendly fashion.It works great. Might as well hit up the social studies teacher while you are at it.

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One thought on “Attitudes about Evolution in Florida

  1. We should get as upset about this as creationists do when evolution is taught. This whole problem of teachers being intimidated into not teaching evolution should have far more visibility than it does.

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