Sheep Cloner To Be BeKnighted?

i-7a5de788ac9e5880f3cf4e394ffa1dff-sheep.jpgSir Ian Wilmut earned his knighthood for his major role in cloning a sheep (Dolly). (In the old days, you had to duel kill infidels and stuff to earn a knighthood, but whatever…). There is now a move, possibly quite justified, asking Queen Elizabeth II to take away the honor.The petition originates from fromer employees of the institute where the cloning was carried out, the Roslin Institute of Scotland. Some time last year, Wilmut admitted that his colleague, Keith Campbell, played a much greater role in the cloning experiment than he did. The petition includes this language:

“The undersigned believe that Professor Ian Wilmut may have conspired with others to obtain advantage and honor to which he is not entitled should the true facts be known.”

Reports indicate that the queen is unlikely to get involved.[source]

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