Flock of Dodos Extras

You’ve heard of the movie Flock of Dodo’s. … But have you seen the out takes?Me neither. But I do have this for you (warning: Includes PZ Myers Footage)…(Do wait for the end. The best bit is at the end. Don’t miss it!!!!!)

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5 thoughts on “Flock of Dodos Extras

  1. His kids do not go to public schools, so why should he care? The ignorant do not need others to expose them. Eventually they will do it on their own. Expose themselves.Anyway, of course he would not send his kids to a school that may broaden their exposure to thoughts other than daddy’s.

  2. Actually, it looks to me like Behe is possibly joking when he makes that remark about public schools. Certainly the facial expression supports that.

  3. Joshua Zelinsky: Randy Olson, the film’s creator and director, did in fact leave this clip out of the original film. But there are probably a dozen common reasons why one leaves out a particular clip. I suppose we’d have to ask him.

  4. Yes, as Joshua says, Behe made the comment in jest, so it would have been a bit of a dirty trick to pull it out of context and set it up to make him look as bad as possible. The movie starts with the phrase Res Ipsa Loquitur, meaning roughly “it speaks for itself.” As we edited the movie, we found ourselves saying that over and over again — we don’t need to do any parsing or creative editing of these guys’ words. Just let them speak in their own hackneyed, paranoid, ill-informed, and even dishonest voices.The general public does not have a very high intellectual intelligence, but their intuitive intelligence (if thats really a viable term?) is very high. They may not know the facts that show these guys are wrong, but they can just sense from them that they are lost and making things up. They speak for themselves.

  5. Randy,Thanks very much. That is actually an important clarification. My gut feeling and I think, in fact, the clear message from your main corpus (as well as the extra) regarding Behe is that he is not really taking most of this seriously. That actually makes me mad. I’d rather he say what he believes (I suspect he is a Darwinist) than just saying what he needs to say to maintain his position in this niche publishing market. Or am I over-reading him?I’ve gotta go back and watch the film again….

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