Wife Swap and Home Schooling

You may not want to miss this (Feb 13th) episode of Wife Swap:

a theologically liberal high powered corporate executive mother with a stay-at-home husband swaps lives with a born again Christian mom who believes women are created to be men’s help-mates …

… the Childs are born-again Christians who interpret the bible literally and use it as a guide for life. In the Childs’ family constitution, God comes first, husband Christopher comes second. The family have to serve God at all times with a cheerful heart, and they follow the words of scripture to the letter. Lee-Ann is a stay-at-home mom who home schools her children, Laurie (18), Chrissy (18), Coburn (16), Columbia (12), Daisy (10) and Cambria (2). Christopher is an ultra traditionalist father who is head of his household and calls himself the “gatekeeper,” … Mom is molding Coburn to be the man of the house so he can provide for a wife and family. As for the girls, she’s training them to be stay-at-home moms who will live out God’s calling in marriage and motherhood. Dating is not allowed… Instead they pray daily for God to send them a spouse when the time is right. Lee-Ann is happy to be her husband’s “help-mate,” and says that women are the weaker link.


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0 thoughts on “Wife Swap and Home Schooling

  1. Oh wow! A woman with an apparent “control freak” for a husband(the oldest two girls are not “allowed” to date, but they’re 18 years old. . . .) This sounds like a “setup” to me, and I don’t mean just the “wife swap” aspect. It’s a setup for possible abuse, physical, emotional, and psychological, as well as various manipulative behaviors. Ugh, ugh, ugh! But then, I have to remind myself that all fundamentalists basically think alike, no matter what their religious tradition.
    Anne G

  2. This reminds me of a Trollope novel where the girls are not expected to go anyplace to meet men or allow any man they do manage to meet to talk to them – somehow husbands will just magically appear. At least most of the people in the Trollope novels realize how stupid that is.

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