OMG, Larry and George Sittin’In a Tree…

Larry Craig, or as we call him in Minnesota, Happy Feet Larry, stepped in where Michelle Bachmann could not perform, in an overt act of erotic love with the President of the United States, George Bush.I starting watching the That Big Speech by George Bush just before midway last night. In time to hear him say that he wants to be the first President of the United States to usher in legislation specifically outlawing (rather than simply not funding) several entire areas of scientific research, at the same time doubling funding on research on nuclear power. Oh, and he also wants to be the president to do the most to directly fund Christian churches to do the government’s work with more tax dollars than ever before, despite the clear prohibition of such in this little thing they call The Constitution.I stuck around to watch the end part, where the president saunters off stage and up the aisle, meeting and greeting the congress. I was looking to see what would happen if he encountered Michelle “The Tongue” Bachmann. Last year she French Kissed the president right in front of everybody. I was disappointed that nothing like this happened, and went to bed sad that I would not have anything cool to blog about the next day.Then, this morning, I found an email from my sister, Lightning Fingers Liz, a.k.a. Caldera Girl, with a video showing Larry Craig absolutely undoubtedly kissing the President of the United States right there in the Halls of Congress. It started out as a handshake and escalated to an embrace.Then the magic happened.The following video shows the act. I think if you look really close you will see Larry’s tongue flicker out from between his lips for a fleeting moment, but I’m not sure.Boy, that Larry. He’s a Bad, Nasty, Dirty Nasty Naughty boy….Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against guys kissing guys. Some of my best guy friends are kissing each other and stuff all the time. But this is just not a Family Values way to act, Larry and George. The Republicans are truly the masters of hypocrisy in the debate over social and cultural issues. Masters. Master debaters, in fact.

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8 thoughts on “OMG, Larry and George Sittin’In a Tree…

  1. Elsewhere I’ve seen the Bush-kisser identified as Chris Shays, GOP representative from New York. His Democratic opponent already has a video highlighting the event. [Link]

  2. What exactly is the problem with nuclear power?Barring some truly revolutionary discoveries in either cold fusion or super-efficient solar panels, nuclear is pretty much the only way we’re going to maintain our current power consumption. If you’re an advocate of massively reducing our power usage, I’m totally okay with that. But there really aren’t any plausible alternatives.Regarding the ‘kiss’: aren’t there plenty of valid and mature ways to mock our Dumbander-in-Chief without descending to the level of playground taunt songs and gay bashing?

  3. Great scoop! I love the look on Bushies face–that quick ‘oh shit I saw that coming, but I am glad I did it any ways to court the conservative gay vote’ kind of look–a real republican bukake shot!

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