The Beagle Project: Endorsed by a pantheon of Science Bloggers…

You are going to be hearing a lot more about Darwin in the month of February, which is Darwin Month here on The Internet. (It is also Creationist Home Schooling Science Fair month, so hang on to your mice and keyboards!!!!) I have a Darwin plan of my own that you will be learning of soon enough.

In the mean time, I wanted to remind you of the Beagle Project:

We aim to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday by building a sailing replica of HMS Beagle and recreating the Voyage of the Beagle with an international crew of researchers, aspiring scientists and science communicators. The voyage will apply the techniques of 21st century science to Darwin’s journey, inspiring a new generation of scientists and promoting the public understanding of evolution and wider science.

Please go visit their site, help them out!

Especially, have a look at this post latest item indicating top referral sources to the Beagle Project site.

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0 thoughts on “The Beagle Project: Endorsed by a pantheon of Science Bloggers…

  1. Karen: My pleasure. By the way, if you combine with the current blog, I wonder if my ranking goes up? I only wonder about that because A Blog Around the Clock and me are in fierce competition….

  2. Sorry to rain on your potential parade, Greg, but your tie with Bora was actually based on stats I collected after combining everyone’s new and old blogspots.

    However, this was all done before you published the present post. Based on the number of hits we received yesterday, it seems likely that you are now edging him out, but only time will tell!

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