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  1. Whoa … I could follow the story until 2:20 or so, when race comes into it. I don’t know enough about official Mormon policy to say for sure, but I know for a fact that a lot of the Mormons around here don’t believe black people are the result of cursed noncombatant souls. I agree with J-Dog above – I’m curious who made the video. There are a lot of different types of Mormons, like any religion, and this was obviously made by the more extreme end.

  2. You didn’t watch the rest; it takes a definite turn about halfway through. This used to be shown in “regular” christian churches. It’s meant for the congregation, to reinforce how blasphemous and dangerous the “others” are. Back when I was an unfortunate christian school draftee, we saw dozens of these. Dungeons and Dragons leads directly to witchcraft, sickness, and eternal damnation. Premarital sex leads to suicide, poverty, and eternal damnation. How about the live abortion shown to the middle schoolers (mandatory), complete with a followup with the doctor digging parts out of the bucket and identifying them in front of the camera?

    This video is pretty tame. Just for fun, find a church that’s been around for fifty years and dig through the vhs archives. You’ll find a ton of this stuff.

  3. The cartoon is called “The God Makers” and it was produced by an anti-Mormon group called Saints Alive. There is also a book by the same name as well as a book countering the book’s arguments called “The Truth about The God Makers”. I prefer the South Park episode on Mormons. At least it’s funny.

  4. I keep seeing this video on blogs with the same title, “Banned by the Mormon Church.” That title is more offensive to me as a Mormon than the cartoon itself. Does anybody even wonder how the “Mormon Church” would go about banning a cartoon?

  5. Alma,

    Its a joke.

    But that does not mean that Mormonism isn’t funny in it’s own right. You know, with the gold book and all. But don’t take offense, I have yet to find a religion that is not funny in several ways.

  6. I thought I’d comment to remark that this cartoon is far from accurate. It was created by an anti-Mormon group in the early 80s and its falsehoods have been debunked time and time again.

    For example, in March 1984, the Board of the National Conference of Christians and Jews repudiated the film, saying “The film does not�in our opinion�fairly portray the Mormon Church, Mormon history, or Mormon belief.”

    And to say it’s “banned” just doesn’t make any sense.

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