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Critical duck bouncing back

A translocated population of the Critically Endangered Laysan Duck has reached 200 in only three years.
Anas laysanensis is commonly known as the Laysan Duck. It occurs in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, and nowhere else, though it was once found across the Hawaiian Island chain. They were nearly wiped out by 1860, confined thereafter only to Laysan Island. Continue reading Critical duck bouncing back

George Ayittey: Cheetahs vs. Hippos for Africa’s future

This grab-you-by-the-throat speech by Ghanaian economist George Ayittey unleashes an almost breathtaking torrent of controlled anger toward corrupt leaders and the complacency that allows them to thrive. These “Hippos” (lazy, slow, ornery) have ruined postcolonial Africa, he says. Why, then, does he remain optimistic? Because of the young, agile “Cheetah Generation,” a “new breed of Africans” taking their futures into their own hands.

Continue reading George Ayittey: Cheetahs vs. Hippos for Africa’s future

Natural Genetic Variation in Maize Nutritional Quality

Blogging on Peer-Reviewed ResearchThey always told you to eat your carrots, to improve your eyesight. Well, a deficiency of vitamin A (found in carrots, and lots of other foods) causes eye disease in a lot of children. In areas where Maize (corn) is a significant staple, there can be a problem because maize varies a great deal in how much vitamin A it can provide via precursor molecules. A new study in Science explores this relationship. Continue reading Natural Genetic Variation in Maize Nutritional Quality

Genome Size, Adaptations, Constraints, Exaptations, Aptations, and so on…

There is a discussion on the internet about Junk DNA, that includes a discussion at Sandwalk (Larry Moran’s blog) … I made a comment there about genome size that was responded to by T.R. Gregory. I started to write my response in Larry’s Little Box, but realized that it would not fit. So it is here: Continue reading Genome Size, Adaptations, Constraints, Exaptations, Aptations, and so on…

Clay County Passes Controversial Evolution Resolution

[Post Revised]
According to one story:

After a public hearing Thursday evening to discuss a possible change in the way science courses are taught in public schools, the Clay County [Florida] School Board voted unanimously to support a change in the state science curriculum that would use the word evolution in the classroom.

The state Board of Education will scheduled to vote Feb. 19 on the change, which would require more in-depth teaching of evolution and other scientific topics while setting specific benchmarks for students to meet.

Source is here.

But according to other sources, things are not quite sanguine in clay county:

The attorney for the board said that the resolution came as close as possible to violating the Kitzmiller decision without actually crossing the line.

Source: Panda’s Thumb

I’m looking towards Florida Citizens for Science for some accurate information but not seeing it yet.