MacBook Air

The world’s thinnest computer is coming out officially in a couple of weeks, but apparently you can get it now. It’s a Mac, it will cost about 1,800 bucks US, and it is said that you can “fit it into an interoffice mailing envelope.”


I strongly recommend that you do not put this computer into an interoffice mailing envelope.

The MacBook Air also features a built-in iSight webcam and a full sized MacBook-style black keyboard. The keyboard is backlit, similar to MacBook Pros, and has an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness. The trackpad is also capable of recognizing multi-touch gestures, similar to using an iPhone or iPod touch. As a result, the MacBook Air’s trackpad is disproportionately large, compared to the size of trackpads found on the MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Read all about it here.

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