Science Fair Season Starts

It is science fair season! Elmer’s Inc is cranking out the three-part display boards, Office Max is stocking up on its colored paper and glue sticks, and thousands upon thousands of kids are working out the fine details of the hypothesis they want to test using an experiment that can be demonstrated in the Science Fair.

Pretty boring, actually.

Unless you focus on the Christian Creationist Science Fairs. They are Always so much fun. And remember, Greg Laden’s Blog here at is your Christian Creation Science Creationist Science Fair Center! Keep checking back!

For now, I have a few examples of previous winners at the Trinity High School science fair, one of the classic fairs, the one everybody watches.

Can We Trust What Anthropologists Tell Us?

Mr. Granger’s project casts serious doubt on the integrity of anthropological “evidence” that contends that animals walked the earth prior to 6,000 years ago. Through a meticulous analysis of pictures of the bones of dinosaurs compared with those of his deceased dog Buster, Scott has shown that bones that have been buried for five years appear just as old as those that have supposedly been buried for over 50 million.

How Long Can a Sinner Survive in a Cold Room?

Mr. Minor’s project makes a significant contribution towards resolving the question of how long a sinner can survive in a cold room. With the help of a couple friends, Evan absconded a drunk sinner as he attempted to get into his car after emerging from a local bar. They then removed his clothes, tied him to a chair, locked him inside a walk-in refrigerator (4°C), and observed. The results: the sinner survived for 32 hours. Conclusion: More study required

These are just two of the wonderful projects taht won awards at Trinity two years ago. Read about all of them here.

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  1. And after 32 hours the police busted them and locked them up and took the poor slob to the hospital? Or did he die at that point, and the kids were allowed to present their science fair project by special dispensation from the judge before serving their sentence for murder?

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