Jimmy Wales: How a ragtag band created Wikipedia

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Jimmy Wales assembled “a ragtag band of volunteers,” gave them tools for collaborating, and created Wikipedia, the self-organizing, self-correcting, never-finished encyclopedia of the future. Here, he explains how the collaborative approach works, and why it succeeds. Along the way, he debunks some controversies, explains the “neutral point-of-view policy” and why it is non-debatable; and details the Wikipedia governance model: a democracy with a bit of aristocracy and some monarchy thrown in.

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3 thoughts on “Jimmy Wales: How a ragtag band created Wikipedia

  1. Utter nonsense, and the usual Wales PR. Wikipedia does not “succeed”. It is failing in a spectacular fashion. Just check the media these days.A truer analysis of Wikipedia’s ongoing failures was penned this week by Michel Bauwens, in his piece for P2P “Is something fundamentally wrong with Wikipedia governance processes?”link

  2. Nice video from 2005. Hello? It’s 2008 now. Agree with comment from Steve. Wikipedia doesn’t “succeed” any more. It’s barely surviving. Check the latest fund-drive — 65% short of budget.

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