OMG It’s So Cute!


Redmond, Wash.-based Microvision is unveiling a fully functioning, self-contained prototype that should be available as a real product–possibly from Motorola–later this year.Dubbed SHOW, the lensless PicoP projector is designed for home and business use, and uses tiny lasers to shoot a WVGA (848 by 480, roughly DVD resolution) image on virtually any surface that isn’t a dark color or textured. It can even project onto curved and uneven surfaces. From a distance of two feet, it could project a two-foot diagonal, full-color image on a white T-shirt. From five feet away, it could show a five-foot image on, say, a white wall or ceiling.[source]

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2 thoughts on “OMG It’s So Cute!

  1. So it uses 3 lasers (one for each primary color), but how does it scan the lasers back and forth to create an image? It seems too small for any kind of mechanical means of aligning the lasers. Is it possible to control their direction purely electronically?

  2. OK. That just looks entirely too cool. Imagine, a pocket sized home theater or presentation tool – 1 iPod, 1 SHOW – both fitting into your shirt pocket.I am getting all geeky just thinking about it.

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