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For US citizens, adults only, you must be over 18 to view this content…and thus of voting age.Check out this site. It asks you to rank a bunch of different general issues, distributing 20 points across them. This requires you to think carefully about what you think is important (thus getting more points).Then, based on those responses you are asked questions about more specific issues. Like, if you said “gun control” was important, you are now asked about assault weapons ban legislation, perhaps other gun control legislation, etc.Then it tells you the top three candidates in terms of match to your views, with a percentage of agreement per candidate.When I did it the first time, being fairly honest about my feelings on the issues, my three candidates were Kucinich, then Gravel, then Clinton. Then, I did it again as my alter Bizarro Self, and got Duncan Hunter Fred Thomson and Ron Paul.I had been wondering who to vote for. Hat tip Steve, at Omnibrain, who has apparently not blogged about this (yet?).

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