A little python app for the lonely Linux user

i-68e288674c3bda07562aea6a224b7dd5-cards.jpg No friends? Not even a pet? Feeling lonely? Can’t get a date? Get Python Solitaire. It will run on any system that has Python. Python is run of the mill for Linux installations, is used a lot on Macs, and is available for Windows.If you are running Debian (such as Ubuntu) linux, you can go to your Synaptic Package manager and search (ctrl-f) for “pysol” and select for installation anything that looks intersting (the main program, games, sounds, the sound server, etc.) I simply installed all of it.Then you go to a teriminal and type in pysol. Or, you may find the game under “games” in the applications menu.I’m not big on computer games one way or another, but this is said to be one of the best solitaire games available. At least, that is what the developers say, and they should know, right?For example, it has many, many types of cards to select from, including antique styles. It also has many different types of solitaire, reportedly more than any other solitaire game, I think over a hundred.This is the best possible solitaire game to get stuck on a deserted island with. Bring lots of batteries.

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