Michigan State U: Look out for this

The Michigan State University (MSU) chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) has announced that it will be hosting a lecture by Jared Taylor in March. Taylor, who is not particularly well-known in the mainstream, is a prominent racist who’s New Century Foundation and American Renaissance publication are devoted to pursuing “scientific” justifications for racism.

Details here, and here.

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5 thoughts on “Michigan State U: Look out for this

  1. You leftists are so fucking stupid. We all know that some races commit more crimes than other races (just as men commit more crime than women), yet your kind pretends that “race is socially constructed” and therefore, doesn’t play a role in behavior.Tell me, if race is “socially constructed,” how does Sickle Cell Anemia know to only infect people who are black? How can forensic scientists figure out the race of a person, solely by analyzing the structure of a person’s skull? If evolution occurs when a specie is separated, then why is it not evolution when people are separated by continents? You leftists make fun of Christians for not believing in evolution, but it is your kind who picks and chooses what you want to believe about evolution. You are moronic.You are nothing more than a leftist piece of shit.

  2. MSU-YUF’s comment reminds me of two of my late father’s (a Minister) favorite sayings. I think he will excuse my mild alterations.Better to be thought a fool, than to post your opinion and remove all doubt.andYou can lead a person to a quality school of higher eduction, but you can’t force them to be edumacated.

  3. As an MSU grad (’06), I know first hand that the YAF is viewed as a bunch of bigoted retards by the vast majority of MSU’s students (me included).Go on YAF, keep on building those strawmen, it’s all you’ve ever been able to do.

  4. MSU Yaf. Thanks for the thoughtful comments.The sickle cell allele is absent from most Africa populations, though it is found in some. It is also found in Greeks, Spaniards, Italians, Turks and a number of other populations. It is one of several dozen similar alleles that probably exist for similar reasons found in many, many different groups.Forensic scientists working in the US in the 50s and 60s developed methods that gave something like 60 percent accuracy in distingishing between adult non-pathological groups who were typically “black” “white” or “Asian/Amerindian” With subsequent immigration from different parts of the world this has become increasingly difficult. If you use the old forensic model, for instance, a Puruvian Indian resembles a Caucasoid Negroid with Inuit traits. Ooops.The word “specie” is not the word you are looking for. “specie” is a word used by finance/econ types to refer to money. The word you are looking for is probably “species.”Regarding continents: Your IP address tells me that you are in the US. Are you a Native American? Or did your ancestors travel across the continents. If you are a Native American, you only need to go back between possibly 6,000 and 14,000 years to have travelled across the continents. Archaeologists can trace lots of movement between certain continents. For example, movement back and forth between Asia, Africa and Europe is very common. Indeed, genetic research of the histories of various groups often has a hard time deciding where to put Europeans. Sometimes they fit with the Asians, sometimes they fit with the Africans.Most likely every European has not too distant ancestors who were Africans and other not too distant ancestors who are Asians. It’s all very fascinating.

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