Vote for your favorite Cassini Image

Since Cassini arrived in the Saturn system nearly four years ago, our cameras have recorded the most spectacular, most moving, most heart-stoppingly lovely scenes of any to be found in our solar system. We all have our favorite Cassini images. Now, here is your chance to vote for yours.

Here’s mine:i-22410cfc89eeab5323ab5a168a9aa3b7-1688_4232_1.jpgCast Your Vote

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2 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite Cassini Image

  1. That is just a fantastic picture. These pictures were all hard to vote on, weren’t they? I went for the Dragon Storm picture. The scaling on my site doesn’t do it justice; the full size picture just blows me away. I am just curious about the effective baud rate from Cassini, and wonder how long it takes a photo to upload to CICLOPS from the Saturn orbit.

  2. I like the picture you chose as well. I like each of them for the same reason: They appear to be utterly made up. (Yet they are real)Yea, they must have a nice camera and a kick-ass modem.

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