War on Christmas Updates

Dispatches: More War on Christmas IdiocyRegarding Pat Boone …

What fucking universe do these people live in? I’d bet a month’s pay that not once in Pat’s entire life has even a single person ever objected to him saying “Merry Christmas” to them.

Pharyngula: We have a Problem …

The archbishop of Wales thinks one of the greatest problems facing the world is “atheist fundamentalism”….

and we have presidential candidates pretending to talk to god, and getting standing ovations for it…Respectful Insolence: Deirdre Imus gives everyone some stupid for Christmas

I’ve mentioned before that it irritates me that Don Imus is back on the air. It’s not that I give a rodent’s posterior that he made an offensive comment about the Rutgers women’s basketball team that lead to his being fired from his previous gig. It’s actually more because he somehow managed to displace the radio show that I usually listened to on my way to work in the morning

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