Heritability of Magical Powers Investigated

A multilocus model with a dominant gene for magic might exist, controlled epistatically by one or more loci, possibly recessive in nature. Magical enhancers regulating gene expressionmay be involved, combined with mutations at specific genes implicated in speech and hair colour such as FOXP2 and MCR1.

The most important thing about this study is not its conclusion, but what we will do with it.The study, in the current issue of the British Medical Journal (here), is surely to be picked up by some of the major news agencies. Another recent study, linking testosterone to humor, was, ans passed muster as a major story (see my earlier post). It remains to be seen if the present study on the inheritance of magical power, will have the same magical effect on the press…

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One thought on “Heritability of Magical Powers Investigated

  1. This research was sent to the British Wizarding Medicine Journal and accidentally routed to the muggle journal by a trainee in the Magical Sorting department of the Royal Post. The Oblivators are be on their way.

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