5 thoughts on “Coulter on Huckabee on Darwin

  1. Coulter derides someone else about being a dumb christian and rails against sodomy. Has she finally found some issues about which she has some expertise?

  2. What amazes me is how Coulter’s bullshit about Darwinism has been taken apart, bit by pathetically detailed bit, all over the blogosphere, by scientists and others, and yet the mainstream media people still let her get away with implying that it went unchallenged. Can’t just one reporter say:”Uh, Ann, I know you enjoy pretending that you were too brilliant for anyone to confront, but the fact is your commmentary on Darwin was criticized, in detail, all over the internet, and you never made an effort at rebuttal.”

  3. It is just amazing that she not only doesn’t have the guts to face a challenge on anything she says; she has a habit of claiming that she was “making a joke” when she gets called on something like calling Edwards a faggot.It’s just a sad state of affairs that she makes so much money doing what she does, when people that actually know what they are talking have to scramble for cash.

  4. I don’t know why she’s so upset about sodomy. Clearly it is French Kissing that is not protected by the constitution and therefore should be banned — if only because it’s French.

  5. Sometimes I tend to wonder if Ann Coulter is an actual person, or just some CGI projection created by some “wingnut” with too much time on their hands. The stuff she spews out is so outrageously stupid, that I can’t believe it’s uttered by a real, living person. And yeah, I, too, have long wondered why anybody in the “mainstream” media doesn’t really, really get up and challenge these stupid utterances.Anne G

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