Another Public School Teacher Goes Over the Line

I have great respect for public school teachers. Hey, I married one! Mainly, of course, because I respect her. But they are not all good. Some of them are bad…From the Internet Infidels Discussion Board:

My son just told me that his seventh grade teacher showed his public school class…the movie “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” It is blatantly pro-Christian…My son just told me that in the movie the bad kids had NEVER read the bible and had never heard the Christmas story,… Those horrible non-believers turned completely straight and moral once they were told about Jesus. My son said the message was clear that those who don’t believe in Jesus are bad and that believing in him makes people become good.I am livid, …

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3 thoughts on “Another Public School Teacher Goes Over the Line

  1. Whenever someone promotes the bible, I have to ask the obvious question: which of the many bibles out there is the one you think is right? And are all the other bibles wrong?(Snark-snark.)

  2. Those horrible non-believers turned completely straight and moral once they were told about Jesus.

    Wow! Just like in the Chick tracts! Even as a little kid, I could never believe that people could be so easily converted.

  3. I think what people are getting out of this is the opposite of what the original tale told. I have the advantage of having read the original story, and it wasn’t really “about” kids converting to Christianity or whatever. It was about *acceptance* of those who are “not like you”. The kids were supposed to be these juvenile delinquents, yet somehow they ended up being Mary and Joseph in the church Christmas pageant. Sure, they got changed, all right, by being *accepted*! Isn’t that what we all want? For heaven’s sake, isn’t that what Mary and Joseph themselves may have wanted(bear in mind that in “them days”, they belonged to what I call a “despised group”)? Isn’t that what the teacher may have been trying to promote? This is ridiculous! I have a lot of respect for most of the atheists *and* “believers” I meet and talk to and interact with. They all have good ideas, though they may or may not believe the same things. Peace, everyone! This is supposed to be the Season of Peace On Earth, after all. Let up a little!Anne G

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