WOC Update: Wiccans Advance in Green Bay

The uneasy alliance between Atheists and Wiccans in the War on Christmas paid off this week as a skirmish unfolded in Green Pay, Wisconsin.

A Wiccan symbol now stands alongside the Christmas manger scene above Green Bay City Hall’s northwest entrance.The new display is an evergreen wreath, about 3 feet in diameter, around a five-pointed star. It’s called a pentacle, and it is a symbol in the Wiccan religion, which is associated with witchcraft. Wicca is a nature-based religion based on respect for the earth, nature and the cycle of the seasons.The wreath and star are mounted on an easel that stands a few feet from a statue of Mary in the nativity setting that Council President Chad Fradette installed Wednesday night.Shortly after its installation, a passer-by mistook the display for the Jewish Star of David, which is a six-pointed star.[source]

Everyone seems to be getting into the act in Green Bay. The Unitarians want a peace symbol, the Buddhists want their own display, the Hindus have not said what they want to display but they have something in mind.Lawyers are standing by waiting to see what sort of policy the besieged city sets up.

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3 thoughts on “WOC Update: Wiccans Advance in Green Bay

  1. A little update.

    A Wiccan display was installed Friday. It is a white five-pointed star encircled by a wreath. Early Monday morning, someone flagged down a police officer to report seeing someone on a ladder at City Hall, taking down the display. The suspect fled, leaving the ladder. Police later found the damaged display in the shrubs.

    Schmitt on Monday declared a moratorium – no additional displays and no replacement Wiccan display until the council could meet and decide a policy. Schmitt said several people were making a mockery of the display by suggesting pop culture symbols such as the Festivus pole.


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