More Hype on Highway 35

I knew there was something holey about this road that I drive on every day. And all this time I thought it was the potholes. (see this for earlier post on this topic)

You understand, right, that this video proves that religion is not only very kooky and sometimes amazing, but also, that it is ABSOLUELY INSANE!!!

[hat tip, The Lizard Queen]

Hey, Krazy Kristians, Take Your Dirty Hands Off My Highway!

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0 thoughts on “More Hype on Highway 35

  1. The converted gay man in the clip, James Stabile is not a stable person. According to Pam’s House Blend, his father says he is bipolar but not taking his meds. After this conversion–I use the term in jest–James was sent to one of their reeducation camps called Pure Life. He had to pay $2,100 to get into the place and then pay $150 a month until he was cured. He wasn’t cured. They kicked him out and wouldn’t even give him bus fare to get home. Love those loving christians.

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