Messing with Wikiland

Wikileaks busts Gitmo propaganda team

The US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay has been caught conducting covert propaganda attacks on the internet. The attacks, exposed this week in a report by the government transparency group Wikileaks, include deleting detainee ID numbers from Wikipedia last month, the systematic posting of unattributed “self praise” comments on news organization web sites in response to negative press, boosting pro-Guantanamo stories on the internet news site Digg and even modifying Fidel Castro’s encyclopedia article to describe the Cuban president as “an admitted transexual” [sic].

Read about it here.

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One thought on “Messing with Wikiland

  1. ?There has been no attempt to alter/change any information that has been posted anywhere,? Lt. Col. Bush said in the statement e-mailed to us. ?That would be unethical.? Bush said in a subsequent phone call that there?s no way to know if any of the 3,000 uniformed military at Gitmo was responsible for the documented changes, but he promised his public affairs staff was not behind it. He also blasted [Wikileaks] for identifying one sailor in his office by name, who has since received death threats for simply doing his job – posting positive comments on the Internet about Gitmo. (source: Wikipedia0I love this part–not only is it covert ops, and counter propaganda, but also a commandant named Bush!! Perhaps that is designed to indoctrinate us into believing a Bush actually did actual military service?;-)Not to mention: the overall counter-propaganda effect of this thing is likely designed to make us all long for a real war, when real soldiers needed real counter-propaganda to protect them from actual enemies….

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