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  1. Greg:I love the blog. But if I might respectfully and humbly offer up a teeny tiny suggestion…Is there any way you could post, like, 1/10th as many top-level posts? I don’t know if there is some way to make stuff not appear in sciblog’s “last 24 hours” list. Maybe if you just posted a once-a-day “today’s random links” or something. The “last 24 hours” list is starting to look like Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, PZ, Greg, Greg, Greg, Afarensis, Greg, more Greg, Greg again, Mark Chu-Carrol, and then yet more Greg.And like I said, I like the blog. But lots of your posts are quite short little tidbits about linux or news or something, and drown out some very long in-depth posts on other blogs. Even slashdot doesn’t produce the frequency you post…Regards,-Kevin

  2. Kevin,What I’ve been doing lately is not posting anything at all for hours and hours while a couple of more substantive posts are up and sitting there for all to read and absorb. This then concentrates the shorter posts into a smaller time frame. I’ve been doing that for two days, and you are seeing the effect of that. I’m not sure if it is working, better, or worse, or what. I noticed, I think, that PZ is doing something similar, although I have not spoken to him about it (he’s up to something, anyway, I think).Yesterday, I spread the posts out from ca 5 PM to 3AM or so, today, I concentrated them from 3:00 to 9:30. That causes the annoying effect you mention.It is interesting that you say I’m drowning out longer posts on other blogs. What I’m trying to do is to highlight the longer posts on my own blogs, produce more of them per day, and have them stand out more. Any suggestions as to how to do that would be appreciated.There will be further experimentation. We’ll see what happens.

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