Health Care Business Switch to Linux

McKesson Provider Technologies is a health care industry software vendor. A few years ago, they began to search for ways to cut costs for the hospitals and medical offices that make up their customer base. Switching to Linux was the obvious solution.Today, McKesson, a San Francisco-based company, offers the majority of its health-care related software applications on Linux, which significantly reduces costs for these medical offices and hospitals.

The move was solidified in February, when McKesson partnered with Linux vendor Red Hat Inc. to unveil the Red Hat Enterprise Healthcare Platform, which was customized to meet the needs of the health care industry.

Why the switch from Microsoft Windows to Linux?Ha! Fooled you! This was a switch to Unix to Linux. So this is a proof of concept of the equivalence, in terms of functionality and security, of Linux (as compared to Unix, both being superior to most other operating systems).

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