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  1. The interviewer sounded funny when he thought that those fish would eventually interbreed with sharks…And the “gene escape” issue he’s mentioning is probably the transgenes in mexican landraces of corn, which was debunked by a 2-year study by Allison Snow.What I find fascinating about the questions being asked about biotech is that they are not unique to biotech. They were always present in breeding… Every gene you breed, every mutant you raise could “escape” into the wild and you don’t know what it will do. I also find it interesting that the idea that you cannot be 100% sure is used as an argument against new technologies. When old technologies are far less than 100% secure.What he’s glossing over is that the introduction of non-native species by pet owners is a huge problem, and these fish pale in comparison to the invasiveness brought about by irresponsible pet owners.Oh, and when I have the space to fill my tank, now that I’m in Wisconsin, I’ll be getting those fish. 🙂

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