War on Christmas Training Manual

From Austin Cline.

What are the Christmas Wars?:
In his infamous tract “The International Jew,” Henry Ford wrote “The whole record of the Jewish opposition to Christmas, Easter and other Christian festivals, and their opposition to certain patriotic songs, shows the venom and directness of [their] attack.” The John Birch Society complained that the “Godless UN” was conspiring against Christmas. Today, conservatives claim that secularists and liberals are trying to replace Christmas. The enemy changes, but it’s still the same conspiracy story.

Foot soldiers in the war on Chrismas, you must read this! Especially if you ever want a promotion.

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0 thoughts on “War on Christmas Training Manual

  1. Bah Humbug! There was nothing in that article about How Best To Burn Down Christian Churches, or How To Get Christ Out Of Christmas. Not even a word about How To Hit Bill O’Reilly in the Face with a Snowball From Hell!

    In True American Fashion, guess I will have to do it all by myself. Bah!

  2. It’s far too easy for people to blame everyone but themselves for their own shortcomings. This is no exception. If Christians want Christmas to be about Christ, then they better celebrate it that way. I agree with the article which pretty much states that we make the holiday what we make it.

    I think part of Christianity is the feeling of persecution. The belief that they are persecuted for their beliefs somehow makes them more righteous than those who are not. If there is no persecution, invent some.

    Just like many other groups it’s also easy to hide their own prejudice ideas behind claims that they are being discriminated against. Still… claiming that an all inclusive holiday greeting such as “happy holidays” is somehow discriminatory… that’s pretty dumb.

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