Student identifies enormous new dinosaur

Fossils representing on of one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs known, the African Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis, were identified by Steve Brusatte, a student working at the University of Bristol. The fossils were originally located in Niger.Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis, a new species, was about 13 to 14 meters long, with a skull about 1.75 meters long. It is said that its teeth were the size of bananas. So think about that next time you are eating a banana.Bits and pieces of this dinosaur genus have been previously located, some of those fossils (from Egypt) having been destroyed during the bombing of Munich in 1944. The new material is sufficiently different form these earlier finds that it is being considered as a new species. The new material includes bits of the skull and some neck vertebrae.[source]

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