Three Interesting Commentaries…

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… From conservative Mac Johnson, on Intelligent Design; Student-Run Anchor of Rhode Island College Executive Editor Jessica Albaum on Huckabee the Hate-able ; and the Star Telegram’s OpEd by Alan Leshner on science standards in Texas….

Intelligent Design, and Other Dumb Ideas

A few short years ago, nobody had ever heard of “Intelligent Design” (ID). Today it is alleged to be one of the hot button issues of our times, the latest front in the culture wars. The sudden prominence of ID is traceable, in my opinion, to two factors.

One is that, even ten years ago, ID had enough confidence and honesty to go by its birth name, “Creationism.” Whereas today, it has been dressed up in a lab coat and a mail order Ph.D. and is trying to pass itself off as a scientific theory, thus the sudden re-branding as “Intelligent Design.”

The other reason is that the mainstream media (and other spokesmen for the liberal establishment) love the idea of associating the conservative movement with ID, so ID has gotten much more than its fair share of press time….

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I Hate Huckabee

While Mike Huckabee seems like a relaxed down to earth man on television, all one has to do is look up what stances he takes on some very serious issues to know that he is not the right man to run this country.

… people should think about the fact that he believes in Creationism. Yes, there is a separation of church and state, but think about what could happen to science programs if he is making the major decisions. Huckabee has stated, “I do not necessarily buy into the traditional Darwinian theory, personally.” One major problem with that statement is that the Theory of Evolution has been proven.

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Don’t mess with science standards

As Texas prepares to reconsider what youngsters statewide should know about science, the forced ouster of science curriculum director Chris Comer of the Texas Education Agency, apparently for standing up for the integrity of science education, stands as both shocking and sad. Even more disturbing, perhaps, is the official explanation for it….

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  1. Thanks for the correction, I’ve changed it.

    “Mr. Johnson, a writer and medical researcher in Cambridge, Mass., is a regular contributor to HUMAN EVENTS. ”

    Human Events is said to be (on it’s masthead) “leading the conservative movement since 1944”

    A few quotes from his other writing:

    What if there were an environmental catastrophe and nobody came? Would it tell us anything about the environmental movement that it can make headline news out of a warm day in April ? yet when there is no political gain to be had, it can ignore the near extinction of three major species? I believe it would.

    Well, Don Imus is done. The geriatric shock jock that once won such praise from the media establishment for his irreverent off-the-cuff word grenades, has now been ruined by the media establishment for his irreverent off-the-cuff word grenades. What changed? Uh, let me just offer a word of advice to future I-men: keep your baseless insults directed at white folks. It?s much safer.

    I don’t think it is quite accurate to say that he is not a conservative. He may not be a conservative, but I don’t think he is not a conservative either.

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