Home Schooled Missionary Student Kills Four

The gunman believed to have killed four people at a megachurch and a missionary training school had been thrown out of the school a few years ago and had been sending it hate mail, police said in court papers Monday.

The gunman was identified as Matthew Murray, 24, who was home-schooled in what a friend said was a deeply religious Christian household. Murray’s father is a neurologist and a leading multiple-sclerosis researcher.

This is a strange story of a deranged person who was killed by an armed security guard working at the said church.

“It appears that the suspect had been kicked out of the program three years prior and during the past few weeks had sent different forms of hate mail to the program and-or its director,” police said.

About 7,000 people were in and around the church the time of the shooting, Boyd said. Security had been beefed up after the shootings hours earlier in Arvada, he said. The church had a total of 15 to 20 volunteer security officers inside at the time of the attack, he said.

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0 thoughts on “Home Schooled Missionary Student Kills Four

  1. A fundie sending hate mail — nothing new there. However, I wonder how a fundie feels receiving hate mail from another fundie.

    What’s really amazing is that the church had a security staff of 15-20 people. Since one of them took out the shooter, I take it that they were all armed. God’s SWAT team, I guess.

  2. This story is like the key to an all-news version Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Murray’s brother went to scandal ridden Oral Roberts University. Murray attacked Ted Haggard’s church. Haggard shared a male prostitute with Larry Craig. Craig sat on a committee with Trent Lott. Lott stole Ronald Reagan’s hair. Reagan once played a foster parent to an ape. Oral Roberts University teaches we can’t be related to apes.

  3. “Since one of them took out the shooter, I take it that they were all armed. God’s SWAT team, I guess.”

    Yes, but they were training for that day when the militant atheists, the “feminazis”, and teh gays attacked…

  4. Jason: you mean, the day a Hillary gets elected, and we can finally see that a woman president is equally inept, and equally fascist, militant , and police state oriented as her predecessors?

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