From Obscurity to Infamy: Sidr

Sort of. The hurricane that the press ignored until it was impossible to ignore is now listed on Time’s Top Ten Natural Disasters of 2007.I don’t like the sound of that at all: “Top Ten Natural Disasters.” Maybe I’m used to “top ten” being good things. Maybe that’s just me.

Packing winds of over 100 mph, the storm took out power lines and trees, and pulverized mud and thatch homes. The death toll was over 1,000, with more than half a million people forced to flee their homes. But by Bangladesh’s sad standards, Sidr was nothing — a cyclone in 1991 killed an astounding 140,000 people.

Are they showing regrets? Suggesting that we should wait until Bangladesh gets a real cyclone?Of all of the “top ten” natural disasters, only number 8 is NOT a the kind of disaster that we expect to see in increasing frequency and severity as a consequence of global warming. (Number 8is an earthquake).So, really the top ten are two: A bad earthquake and a few decades of Global Warming Deniers.

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One thought on “From Obscurity to Infamy: Sidr

  1. I saw Al Gore receiving his Noble Prize this morning on TV. I was channel surfing at the time but stopped immediately. I sort of had a felling I better watch because hopefully this could be some sort of turn around point! I understand what you are saying about having an affinity with a happy top 10 list. Maybe if everyone keeps their shoulders to the wheel Time will end up doing a top 10 Solutions List!Dave Briggs :~)

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