Let’s Hear it for The Listening Project

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Do you live in the Twin Cities Area? Are you doing anything next Thursday, December 13th at about 7.30PM?Come and see the film The Listening Projecti-81affed2c14bb4aff2bb793893cfbdf6-tlp.jpg

Born in Philadephia, reared in the Bay Area and schooled by his lifelong addiction to world travel, Twin Cities-based filmmaker Dominic Howes has spent the last 10 years trying to get accustomed to Minnesota winters — and says he’s still trying.But Howes admits that ice and cold are nothing compared to the dangers of “land mines and insurgent forces” in Afghanistan, one of 14 countries he and Rikshaw Films partner Joel Weber visited last year for their documentary, “The Listening Project.” (The screening will be Thursday, Dec. 13 at Oak Street Cinema in Minneapolis as part of the “Fearless Filmmakers” series.)”My American-ness has always been a subject of conversation in my travels whether I wanted it to be or not,” says Howes, for whom “The Listening Project” afforded an opportunity to capture that subject on digital video. Funded and conceived by executive producer and philanthropist Jim Pohlad, the documentary collects the opinions of dozens of people around the world — from Afghanistan to South Africa, China, Israel and Palestine. All are asked, “What do you think of America?” *

The film will be shown at the Oak Street Cinema in the East Bank area of Minneapolis.

the “Fearless Filmmakers” screening at the Oak Street will be followed by a party across the street at Stub & Herbs. Free drinks and food will be on hand here, though “Fearless” coordinator Bobby Marsden says he expects that an equal draw will be the evening’s topic of conversation: “What do you think of America?”

I’m sure Dominic has made a fantastic film, and I’m not just saying that because he happens to be married to my all time best friend. He’s good, he’s really good.

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