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  1. I used this video in August as a tool to try to help persuade the veeps in my division that our support groups need independent wikis to share workarounds that aren’t in the standard set of virtual libraries. They are still considering it, but trying to decide if they should set up “Closed” or “open” wikis. They still want to control the information they share, and my fear is that if they set up a closed one, it will be ignored because it will end up being just another version of a virtual library not written by people who actually use it.

  2. Great video, thanks for finding it and linking. I help out with a non-commercial collective of wikis, thought I might plug it. It’s called Wiki Spot, http://www.wikispot.org, and anyone can start their own wiki about anything. Plus you have a community of experienced wikispot users in other wikis that can help you to understand the process.

  3. Your link to Wiki Spot is broken (extra comma); this one should work better.Sycamore looks like an interesting wiki platform. Right now, I’m deep in the voodoo realm of MediaWiki, so anything written in Python instead of PHP looks appealing. I notice nobody has implemented mathematical notation support, however.

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