New NGS Dino Project

i-e6a66018ca5c54ad7e2eb716b558f839-DinoDeathTrap_14017_020.jpgNational Geographic has a new project called Dino Death Trap. This is a movie due to be released on December 9th, straring the Junggar Basin of western China known as “The Pit of Death” is found.Don’t miss it.In the mean time, you can go here and there is a live web cam in Central Park showing people walking by. You click on a button and it makes a dinosaur roar from the bushes near the people, and they piss in their pants and run away because they are scared of the dinosaur. Really, not kidding. Go do it now before the cops find out and remove it.

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2 thoughts on “New NGS Dino Project

  1. Aw, man. I was really hoping that the dino cam was for real. But it was still funny. I like the businessman that pauses to throw his briefcase before running away.

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