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  1. I agree with the above, this is quite bad.They missed or glossed over all the interesting parts.”Each pair of homologous chromosomes comes together to form a tetrad.”—oh, really? Just how do they manage that? The diagram shows them just moving directly toward each other. This is like showing a model shipbuilder pulling a fully-built ship from his pocket and shoving it into a glass bottle. It’s that simple!Not to mention that it shows chromosomes pairing while the spindle is in place, which is wrong – in animals and plants, they pair before nuclear envelope breakdown. And they do not look like that when they pair – the chromosomes at zygotene are long, thin threads, and there isn’t such obvious sister chromatid (pronounced “CHROmatid”, not “chroMATtid”) separation…Also… did someone forget recombination?It irks me that the things that must be learned (memorized) about meiosis in school are just the names of these stages “metaphase I, anaphase I, telophase I”, etc.Yes, I am a meiosis person. So I guess that means I should make a better one.

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