Supergroup Cell: A Sims simulation teaching cell biology

Why am I doing this…You may have wondered why I am always putting cell biology videos up on my site. I’m doing it for a few reasons. One is to provide a resource for teachers. Some day in the not too distant future one will be able to enter “cell biology” in the search box (upper left from your perspective) and get a few peer reviewed research papers and a bunch of movies.Pursuant to this is the possibility that others will watch the films and comment (Thanks Larry, especially, for doing a lot of that). Not all films are good, not all films are usable. You could go on Youtube and Teacher Tube and Google and find these yourself, but I’m doing it for you. I waste my time so you can waste yours.Finally, there is one other reason. My wife, Amanda, is a biology teacher. She has developed a number of routines that she uses to teach cell biology. All of them are dramatic but short interpretive dance routines, incredibly silly, and the students who see them never, ever forget what a flagellum, or endoplamic reticulum, or whatever, are/is. Well, these days with all these new fangled cell phones with videos and stuff on them, I’m expecting to find Amanda’s cell biology lessons on You Tube, and I want to be among the first to see them…OK, so this next bit is using SIMS 2 technology, and is an allegory for the inside workings of a cell.

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2 thoughts on “Supergroup Cell: A Sims simulation teaching cell biology

  1. Does anyone out there know how to disable my husband’s ability to view YouTube videos? Or at least how to prevent him from linking to such videos on his site?!

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