Be Good to OpenSource

Ten things you can do to help open source

If you’re happy just using open source, then no problem. But if you want to contribute, because you have a problem that nobody else is fixing — or simply because you want to do your bit in exchange — it can be difficult to know where to start. The following suggestions might just inspire you to join in.

Then this post goes on to give some suggestions. Most important two: use OpenSource software, and note that you don’t need to run Linux to use OpenSource software … there is lots available for the Mac and that other system as well.

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One thought on “Be Good to OpenSource

  1. Right now I use a Windows machine if only because XP was stable when I bought the thing.My machine is a WAMP machine as oppose to the purely open souce LAMP, the AMP being Apache, MySQL and PHP.I also run Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox and Sunbird.A lot of it is because I’m sick of the games being played by Microsoft.

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