Anyone Misplace a Bag? A Green Bag?

This is interesting:

30.11.2007 / 16:23 WWII army bag is found in desertLONDON. November 30. KAZINFORM. A bag belonging to a World War II soldier from Lancashire has been discovered in the Egyptian desert after lying there for more than 60 years.Alec Ross, from Burnley, lost the bag containing personal letters and photos, while serving with the 8th Army.Egyptian tour guide Kahled Makram found the bag in the Sahara desert and traced Mr Ross’s family through a BBC website on World War II.The bag is being sent to Burnley to Mrs Ross’s sister, Irene Porter.source

This happened to me, too.Well, not really. What happened was this: One day I got an email, followed up by a phone call, from a distant cousin that I did not know. My other distant cousin, known as Aunt Molly, was being moved to a home, and her grand nephew (the guy who contacted me) was facilitating this. He found a green army bag in the attic, and it was my father’s. With some questioning, Molly remembered that Joe (my dad) had dropped the bag off when he returned from San Francisco (where he was about to be deployed in the Japan Invasion Force, having just finished off the Nazi’s in Europe. We, my dad and some other guys..). He dropped the bag off at Molly’s and said “I’ll pick that up later.” He never did.So now I have the green bag and a vintage WW 2 uniform. In one pocket was a note from a chaplain and a couple of smokes. The note wasn’t interesting and the smokes were a little stale after sixty years.Hat tip on the bag tip: Egyptology News

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