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Global Warming, the Blog Epic ~ 06 ~ A Glacial Cycle

This is the sixth in a series of reposts from gregladen.com on global warming. i-e1372cd57ce206dff3631a4a9438e737-epic-GlobalWarming.jpgIn the last post in this series I talked about two aspects of large scale climate change: Milankovitch orbital geometry and the cycles of glaciation this effect causes, and the role of plate tectonics and related changes in altering sea and air currents, which in turn determine a great deal about climate change as well.Now I want to have a quick look at a single glacial cycle (the most recent one of many), and one way in which the cycle is observed in the ancient record, identified, measured, and described.As discussed earlier, we know that glaciations (glacial cycles, or “ice ages”) involve the formation of large continental glaciers, which are in turn made of accumulated precipitation (snow), most of which ultimately comes from the oceans via evaporation. So as water is transferred from the oceans to the land-based glaciers, the glaciers build up and sea level goes down.Since water can be made of either lighter or heavier isotopes of oxygen, and the lighter-isotope water evaporates more easily, the glaciers are isotropically light. This means, in turn, that the oceans are isotropically heavy. This isotopic bias is preserved in the hard parts of marine organisms that use oxygen from sea water as part of their growth process. Continue reading Global Warming, the Blog Epic ~ 06 ~ A Glacial Cycle

Male vs. Female Brains

The male and female human brains are different. Some of the better documented differences are similar to differences seen in other mammals. They are hard to find, very small, and may or may not be of great significance. Obviously, some are very important because they probably relate to such things as the ability … or lack thereof … to bear offspring. But this is hardly ever considered in the parodies we see of these differences.[Repost from Gregladen.com] Continue reading Male vs. Female Brains

Microsoft Clambake vs. Ubuntu Zesty Zebra

Last night, before going to bed, I was reading the latest story on King Research’s survey of IT professionals regarding their stand on Vista. Ninety percent of the 961 surveyed claim to have serious concerns about migration to Vista, and over half have no plans to make the migration at all. I started to think, as I dozed off, that we are observing the process of niche differentiation happing at an accelerated pace facilitated, in part, by cross-platform software.. But boy, was I sleepy. I had the strangest dream….

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Form Field Woes

A form field is one of those boxes on a web page (or elsewhere) that you can fill in with information. Your web browser may try to “auto complete” an entry that you are trying to type in.For example, when I try to type my name into a box that that I’ve visited before, when I type the first letter … “G” … my browser suggests several different options, remembering the various pseudonyms I use, giving me a list like this:Greg LadenGrog StevensonGreeb Millerand so on.That’s convenient, but it can be annoying when things go wrong… Continue reading Form Field Woes