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End of the Week News

My week ends in about five minutes when I pack for imminent departure to California. I’m being whisked out there (pun intended) to prepare the Thanksgiving gravy for an eccentric couple living in a cabin in a remote mountain area on Thanksgiving. And these people are a bit strange. They recently sent me a picture of the turkey they plan on putting to death and eating. (His name is John Smith.) This should be interesting.But have no fear, the internet is everywhere. I shall continue to post more than enough for you to consume between courses of cranberry sauce and apple pie, leftovers, winter beer, and good wine.But the following four items from several different categories are sitting in my in box that I’d like to pass on to you before I start packing… Continue reading End of the Week News

Wednesday Cat Blogging: King Cheetah


My best photograph of a cheetah.

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I took this photo of a cheetah at De Wildt’s in South Africa. It is a “King Cheetah.” Although there was a period of time when some thought the King was a new subspecies of cheetah, it turns out to be a simple color morph. Although this was taken with a zoom lens, it was not set on telephoto … In fact, I had to wipe the breath of the cat off the lens … (And I’m only slightly exaggerating).

Global Warming, the Blog Epic ~ 05 ~ Causes of Large Scale Change

This is the fifth in a series of reposts from gregladen.com on global warming. i-e1372cd57ce206dff3631a4a9438e737-epic-GlobalWarming.jpgDuring the 1970s and 80s, creationists had a long list of reasons to doubt evolution, and every one of those reasons was wrong. But they had so many reasons, and it was so hard to keep track of them all, each with various versions, that a creationist that was trying to not live a lie could convince themselves that they had an honest dispute with evolutionary biology. But if you sat down and looked at every detail, “creation science” could be shown to be nothing more than a big bag of falsehoods. So to continue to be a creationist you had to be willing to live that lie.Then intelligent design creationism came along. IDC does not require that you have a long list of lies. Instead, you have one single great big lie that can’t be disproved (and is utterly unrelated to science, and in fact, can’t be proven, either). Continue reading Global Warming, the Blog Epic ~ 05 ~ Causes of Large Scale Change

For your Christmas List: Real Snake Oil

Well, OK, it’s actually fake snake oil….Wired Magazine (wired.com) gadgets section has its annual (I don’t really know if it’s annual, but it should be) issue of Snake Oil products. Such as The Orbo:

When it comes to gadgets, perpetual motion machines are bullshit’s bread and butter. Steorn, the Irish company behind Orbo, is only the latest in a long line of deluded, incompetent or fraudulent firms to claim the scalp of the laws of thermodynamics. File this one under deluded: enthusiastically setting up a public display, the inventors were humiliated when it failed to operate. But wait! Steorn gave its deal to 22 scientists who’ll “validate” the device. Don’t hold your breath, chaps.

Continue reading For your Christmas List: Real Snake Oil

The Design of Life

The new creationist textbook, The Design of Life, is now available, or very shortly will be.

This definitive book on intelligent design (ID) comes as a shot across the bow to dogmatic defenders of Darwinian orthodoxy. Written by two key ID theorists, mathematician William Dembski and biologist Jonathan Wells, it presents the full case for intelligent design to a general audience. Critics, in dismissing The Design of Life, contend that intelligent design has collapsed in the wake of the 2005 Dover trial. Author William Dembski responded, “Those same people have been announcing intelligent design’s demise every year since 1990. Strangle it as they might, intelligent design just won’t die. The Design of Life shows why the better arguments and stronger evidence are now on the intelligent design side.”*

That’s really funny, because I thought the creationists have been announcing the demise of Darwinism for, oh let’s see … about 148 years now. Continue reading The Design of Life