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6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes northern Chile from
A strong earthquake measuring 6.0 on the moment magnitude scale struck just offshore northern Chile Saturday, three days after a major 7.7 earthquake hit the same region, the US Geological Survey reported.[]

Discovery of a new way to manipulate light a million times more efficiently from
A discovery of a new way to manipulate light a million times more efficiently than before is announced in the journal Science this week.[]

Wormholes on Earth? from
According to a group of mathematicians, it may be possible to create devices with internal tunnels that are invisible to detection by electromagnetic waves–wormholes, in a sense. The group discusses the idea in a paper published in the October 29 online edition of Physical Review Letters.[]

Is the answer 2,397,207,667,966,701? French ‘mathlete’ sets record from
French “mathlete” Alexis Lemaire showed off his rare mental agility Thursday, claiming a new world record after working out in his head the 13th root of a random 200-digit number in just 72.4 seconds.[]

Algae could generate hydrogen for fuel cells from
For several decades, scientists have known that certain species of algae can produce hydrogen in anaerobic conditions. More recently, researchers have been trying to take advantage of this ability to produce hydrogen that could be used by fuel cells to generate electricity–without expensive processes like electrolysis required for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.[]

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