Get Your Own Genome Sequenced

Today, deCODE genetics announced the launch of their consumer genotyping service, deCODEme. deCODEme is the first personal genomics company to launch, and will provide sequencing information about 1 million SNPs for the introductory price of $985. The service has two components:[source]

From deCODEme (Man, I’m siCK of these miXEDcase companynames.):

“Through your subscription to deCODEme, you can learn what your DNA says about your ancestry, your body -traits such as hair and eye color- as well as whether you may have genetic variants that have been associated with higher or lower than average risk of a range of common diseases. This information will be continually updated as new discoveries are made.”

Cool. They’ll tell you what color eyes you have and everything.See the webcast. They are very professional looking, I must say. But I could only get through the first two minutes, so don’t take my word for it.

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