Discovery Institute: Teach the Controversy

The Discovery Institute continues its terrorist-like tactics in the wake of a very successful airing of an anti-creationism Public Broadcasting System documentary.The DI is providing helpful information for teachers and administrators who want to cost their school districts millions in legal fees and experience deep embarrassment. School administrators: Be afraid. Some of your teachers will read it and you will not be happy at the results.This Document (PDF) is a “Briefing Packet for Educators” supplied by the Discovery Institute.It is obviously a response to information disseminated by the Public Broadcasing System for teachers in connection with the NOVA “Judgment Day” aired earlier this week.I’ve read through it and there is nothing new in it and nothing worthwhile. The DI is still attempting tto make ID seem like a legitimate component of evolutionary studies. It is not. Furthermore, the Dover court decision clearly identifies ID as Creationism, and clearly supports the standing case law that prohibits teaching creationism in the classroom.I think the purpose of this document is to fool unsuspecting teachers into slipping up in order to result in a situation that simply damages efforts to teach good science in public schools. DI knows they cannot win this battle, but they can keep up the terrorist-like tactic of constant harassment for some time.If you want to read more about “teaching the controversy” in the classroom, have a look at this document.PZ Myers at Pharyngula provides an analysis of the document in his post “The Discovery Institute Lies to Educators.”

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One thought on “Discovery Institute: Teach the Controversy

  1. “a very successful airing of an anti-creationism Public Broadcasting System documentary.”While I wouldn’t be surprised if this show had a much bigger audience than an average episode of NOVA, I wonder if anyone has any idea yet of what the actual ratings numbers were.

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