Well, now that I see what Noah’s flood actually looked like…

… I believe it even less than I did before, and I believed it not at all, of course.This is an actual reconstruction from the Creation Museum in Kentucky, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:[hat tip: Pharyngula]

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19 thoughts on “Well, now that I see what Noah’s flood actually looked like…

  1. My conclusion from this video is, that Noah’s Ark got destroyed by that gigantic tidal wave. If that wave hit that fragile wood ship, it would crash it like it would be a wave of reinforced concrete.Or am I interpreting something wrong?

  2. a rowboat can tip over with the force of a speedboat wake–imagine Noah fighting that tsunami! Oh, yeah–the hand of G-d must have held him “upright”, like all good Christians……hey wait a minute: the Christians weren’t around yet….let me start over….

  3. You have to hand it to Noah. For a 600 year old man, he handled the crisis well. A five-mile high wall of water would have freaked me out a bit.

  4. Two children, playing silly games–One of them is winning.God decides to kill them both’Cos having fun is sinning.Time to quickly learn to swim–It’s not enough to wade,’Cos God is going to clean upAll the messes that He made.It’s not the children’s fault at allWhat happens on this day;But God is great, and God is good,And someone’s got to pay.

  5. Now I’m really confused. I thought that the flood was caused by 40 days and nights of rain. The clip seems to show a fissure on the ocean floor spewing water, and a tidal wave engulfing the earth. So the earth is/was filled with water? And what about the vapor canopy? Or is that from a different brand of fundaliciousness?

  6. When this explanation (or the vapour canopy one) got dismantled they came with the other explanation.But this stupidity just burns. A tidal wave of those proportions would smash anything resembling a boat.And thank you Cuttlefish. As usual the poem is spot on.

  7. RugosaYou are correct. They changed the story when it became convenient to do so. So much for literal interpretation of the bible. This is one of the reasons we know that the “controversy” is a politically motivated fabrication.

  8. Apparently God went scrounging for water everywhere.

    Genesis 7:11) “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.”

    Maybe the underground caverns where the water came from filled up with oil after the flood? Help me out here, I’m just making up this part as I go along. But I bet you could find some creationist somewhere who says it for sure.

  9. I though thought it rained, not tsumanied.It’s so sad that these demented fuckwits want so badly to have science validate their mysticism. May they all cut off their johnsons.

  10. Right. So the fountains of the great deep ejaculated and the skies rained down, but only one of those biblical truths is used in this reconstruction because the other one did not fit with their so called “theory.” It’s just a theory, you know, this Genesis thing.Also, the “waters of the flood were upon the earth” in teh passage PRIOR to the one you cite. So the fountains may have been referring to something else. I’m thinking soda fountains. “The Deep” was a malt shop, not a geological thing.Plus, the don’t really have a theory about where the waters went 150 days later, do they?

  11. How can you miss the point? God is awesome. He just blew everyone away with his irresistible power. The people and donkeys at the market, the kid playing cards or whatever with her mama, everyone. Awesome. It doesn’t matter how exactly, it’s just so wow that you’ve gotta submit in a feverish and semi-orgasmic way. So powerful it’s got to be right. Mmmm, power.(warning:this is sarcasm)

  12. The bibble was written by people who were ignorant of the mechanics of rainfall. The video was made by people ignorant of the bibble. What did you expect?That’s one of the truly peculiar thing about religious people, they actually have no idea what they’re talking about, not ever.

  13. Sorry professor youre a little off. Go back to the video again, the 66500 mile ark needs to be re figured. I watched and re watched that video. It took 8 hours for the wave to go a quarter way around the world. So each wave must travel 6225 in 8 hours, or 480 minutes which comes to be about 12.96 miles per minute or 1/5 of a mile per minute. I’m no creationist but before you do math get the facts straight. Look at the clock a little closer, it starts off at 8 and ends at 4. Please, re-do the math for the sake of looking like an ass. thank you

  14. Kyle,It never occurred to me to “do the math” as that would involve me taking this absurd video seriously.But I always like to do whatever any random commenter on my site insist that I do, so I did some math, and it turns out that the wave would have been moving somewhat faster than the speed of sound. An object the size of this wave moving that fast would produce a concussive aerial wave in advance of its movement that would blow any ark to bits and kill all on board.Here‘s the math on thatCheers,GTL

  15. @who cares: Thanks; I suppose I care…@noastronomer: Thanks–I see, though, my url is screwed up on that post. I will take the time to get it right on this one, so you can find where I store my other cephalopoddities.

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