One thought on “Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law (TED)

  1. Wow, great video. He’s totally right too. I think he was trying to sell everyone on the creative commons license. Not a bad idea.The video’s he showed where all parody. They didn’t make fun of the copyrighted music involved but it was for comical and satirical purposes which is protected under copyright law. In other words, it is OK to copy something without permission, so long as you make fun of it, or make fun fun of something with it.He was totally right about the fact that kids won’t stop doing with they’re doing. They’ll just get better at not getting caught. That’s just how our minds work.Durring prohibition, people would smuggle alcohol and drink it anyway. When abortion was illegal, people would still perform them in dark alleys with coat hangers. The fact of the matter is, whether it’s legal or not, people are going to want to create. They will want to create by remix as well. That isn’t to say that it should be legal because people will do it anyway. But rather, that since the content being generated does not result in a loss on the part of the original copyright holder, that it’s OK… so long as they’re not making any money off of it.Copyright is a tough concept. On one hand I think that information should be free and available to everyone. On the other I believe that people should be compensated for all their hard work. It’s tough to find a middle ground.

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