Are you having trouble reading this?

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You roll your head, hoping to loosen the knots in your neck, and shut your eyes. After rubbing them you settle back into staring, hunched inches away from the computer screen. Despite the brief reprise your vision remains cloudy, causing the words on the monitor to blur. At this point, you need to know: With each further click on the keyboard, video watched on YouTube, and e-mail sent–are you damaging your vision?

The answer? It depends. Go here to find out.Thanks, Scott, for the tip.

Have you read the breakthrough novel of the year? When you are done with that, try:

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2 thoughts on “Are you having trouble reading this?

  1. No, I’m not having any trouble reading your post – because of the lovely print size. With all my heart, I thank you for it. If only other bloggers and the SEED people themselves would note that a font size of less than 11 is a real strain for very, very many people.

  2. Julia L:Yes, thanks … I’m sure I’m annoying people with it being too big, but at least they can read it.I use point to designate typeface size. Web designers generally say you should use px. They are wrong. We need to all use point size, and we need to encourage software designers and hardware designers to move themselves into the early 16th century on the typeface thing.

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