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Why the Minnesota Gubernatorial Recount Matters Nationally

The recount process for the Minnesota Gubernatorial Race starts this week. The national political significance of this recount is simply not as great as the Senatorial recount two years ago. That recount determined the balance of power in Washington, sort of. It also determined the insertion into the Senate of someone clearly destine by his own abilities and energy to be one of the great ones, Al Franken, and the removal of someone clearly shown by his own actions to be one of the embarrassing ones, Norm Coleman.

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Two more teaparty defeats

Murkowski Wins Alaska Senate Race

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Wednesday became the first Senate candidate in more than 50 years to win a write-in campaign, emerging victorious over her Tea Party rival following a painstaking, week-long count of hand-written votes.


Nancy Pelosi elected House Democratic Leader, 150-43

…Nancy Pelosi was elected House Democratic Leader by the overwhelming margin of 150-43. This is a crushing, more than 3-1 defeat for her Blue Dog challengers. It’s even a bigger margin than Dick Gephardt’s post-1994 victory of 150-58. No matter how much press attention Blue Dogs got with their whining, it didn’t get them many votes.


Tea Party Shows its First Sign of Weakness

The first order of business of the lame duck House of Representatives was to pass a resolution (as far as I know resolutions have no meaning) to oppose through federal legislation (which only has meaning if it is written, passed, signed into law, etc.) to ‘address’ (ban? regulate? tax? allow under only certain conditions?) the interstate sale and distribution of videos showing small animals being slowly crushed to death by women, using their bare feet or high heeled shoes.

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Muslim vs. Moslem

The question recently came up as to whether the term “Moslem” (as opposed to “Muslim”) is considered insulting or somehow anti-Moslem*. More specifically, I made the claim (though I did not put it this way exactly at the time) that “Moslem” was a dogwhistle signifying teabagging anti-Obama racist scumpuppies.

I have since been told by various teabagging anti-Obama racist scumpuppies that I was wrong, but I was told this in such a way as to convince me that I must be right, even though I was going on gut feeling at the time.

Subsequently, I decided to do some research.
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Republican takeover of the House is much worse than you may have thought, no matter how bad you thought it was

I am speaking of Representative John Shimkus, R-Ill, and the truly astonishing words he uttered before Congress demonstrated in a video that is constnatly being trolled off Google and YouTube by those who don’t want you to see it:

Source and more information here.

If God’s Word is infallible, unchanging, and perfect, then dinosaurs did not live in a different era than humans, and not in great antiquity, and what geologists and paleontologists say about the “age of dinosaurs” must be the word of Satan designed by the dark lord of the underworld to confuse us.

If God’s Word is infallible, unchanging, and perfect, then there can be no destructive climate change. There can only have been one “mass extinction” … the noachain flood.

The person who is reasonably likely to be the next US House of Representative Chair of the Energy Committee has stated that we live on a “Carbon Starved Planet” because the paleontological evidence suggests more carbon in the atmosphere hundreds of millions of years ago, yet he also claims that since God said in Genesis that there will be no more climate disasters after the Flood.

Unbelievable. This madness has got to stop.

John Shimkus has surpassed Michele Bachmann as the worlds most dangerous moron.

Truths and Consequences

There are two reasons that the Republicans “won” the house and took more senate seats. One of them was made clear last night at dinner. Our waitress was funny. She started out a little funny-strange, then went to funny-ha ha, and I left the restaurant liking her and wishing more people were mostly like her. The funny-strange bit derived from her thoughtful pauses following certain questions like “do you have vegetables” and “you are out of my favorite beer, what should I drink” and so on. It turns out that we were pretty nearly her first customers ever, and she was hiding her nervousness very well but something (strange) was seeping through. She also heard and began to engage in our conversation, and was probably unsure how appropriate that might be (a good question, indeed). When we proved friendly the banter amongst us evolved into an all-out Michele Bachmann bash-fest, funny-strange had evolved into funny-ha ha and I was glad to be giving this person a tip instead of some Michele Bachmann supporter.
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Tim Profitt Issued Summons, Whines

Rand Paul’s henchman, alleged assailant Tim Profitt (“The Stomper”) has been summoned before a judge on assault charges . Profitt has started whining about his safety being in danger and claims to have received numerous death threats after he and his buddies wrestled an unarmed woman to the ground and stomped on her at a political rally because they did not like her opinion.

He now claims that the reason that he stomped the victim, political activist and 90 pound weakling Lauren Valle, on the head is because he has a bad back and could not bend down, presumably to punch her on the head.

The libertarian campaign worker also complains that none of this would have happened if only the government had intervened earlier as he had requested. Profitt claims to not have known what Valle was up to, and to have been frightened by her presence (thus, stomping her head after a failed plan, because of back trouble, to punch the bitch out) and then he claimed that he knew who she was and what she was up to and had requested government intervention to stop her from speaking her mind.

Valle, the victim of Tim Profitt’s Teabagging Rage, is a member of Moveon.org, seen by the right wing as a cancer on society because it attempts to advance thoughtful progressive policies and candidates.

Profitt’s insistence that things would have worked out OK if only government agents had intervened earlier, anticipating his tantrum and stopping it before it happened, is consistent with his (and his colleague, Rand Paul’s) Libertarian philosophy: Keep the government out of things unless you need them, then complain that they are not doing enough.


Rand Paul Rally Head Smasher was Local Campaign Coordinator

The man who stomped on the head of a woman at a Rand Paul campaign event has been identified, and it is a person close to Paul and involved in the campaign. He was one of several campaign workers who seemingly premeditated the attack, part of which was recently caught on videotape.


Assailant Tim Profitt, who works for Rand Paul, and Rand Paul.

Here are more details, from the woman who was wrestled to the ground and stomped on by Tim Profitt, who has been identified as one of Paul’s local campaign coordinators (a volunteer position). These are the words of the stompee herself, Lauren Valle:

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“If I had a gun, I’d come after you, you SOB.”

That’s what one of my fellow Minnesotans, a gun-nut proto-teabagger, said to Paul Wellstone after he was elected to the Senate, and was busy opposing Gulf War I. There were many other threats as well, once again demonstrating that right wingers are often rude, sometimes violent, and always obnoxious.

This comes up now because Paul Wellstone’s FBI file is suddenly in the public eye.

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