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Gardasil, HPV vaccine, bits of DNA, SaneVax, Sin Hang Lee

There has been concern over the safety of Gardasil (and other?) HPV vaccines. This concern emanates from the usual Anti-Vax sources. The Anti-Vax people are wrong, often to the point where we have to regard them as delusional, about everything they say. If you find yourself leaning towards thinking that they have a point, you need to check yourself because they don’t. There are good reasons why parents worry about vaccines (see “The vaccination does make the baby cry, so why do it?“), but in the final analysis (or even way before the final analysis) these worries are falsehoods. I would like to direct you to THIS POST by Orac (see also this) as a good place to start, and quite possibly end, your consideration of this issue. I won’t link to recent sensationalistic news stories about the horrors of HPV vaccines because they are worthless drek. And no, I do not get a check from Big Pharm. I don’t like Big Pharm any more than I like Monsanto, yet Huxley and Julia are fully vaccinated and we eat. Life is complex.