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Wildebeest Crashes Into Window…s Event

A wild GNU was spotted at some sort of event organized by a computer company named “Microsoft” which was launching a new version of its operating system. The GNU, accompanied by some friends carrying literature related to the widely used Unix-like operating system, GNU/Linux, did not cause any damage or harm to the attendees, but is it reported that later in the evening several Windows using people took out their old hardware, the hardware that would no longer run on Windows, and installed the GNU/Linux system so they would have a computer that worked just in case the new “Windows Bites” (funny name) operating system did not function as advertised.

Oh, wait, hold on for a correction… I’ve just been informed that the new operating system is “Windows Ate” not “Windows Bites” … whatever. The real New operating system is GNU.

Photo courtesy of the Free Software Foundation.